Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Humane Society of Hobart Indiana And Nasco Industries

Between August 6th and August 12th, someone with a Chesterton / Valparaiso IP, began stalking Abbi's and Bailey's website. During that period of time, IP clicked on the following post, approximately 80 times:
Hobart Indiana Humane Society Drama [where Abbi and Bailey were euthanized]

I submitted documentation from my StatCounter to an official here in Michigan, who is aware of the tragic fate of Abbi and Bailey. The official did some digging around and discovered that the Humane Society of Hobart, has / had a contract with Nasco.

HSH sells the bodies of the cats and dogs it cruelly euthanizes, to Nasco Industries in Wisconsin, who in turn sell the bodies for biology dissection and for fertilizer - and I have been retaliated against for years, for speaking out about HSH killing Abbi and Bailey. Are you frickin kidding me??!!

You better believe I am going to share the Michigan state official's valuable information to expose HSH - in order to save the lives of other animals.