Sunday, October 9, 2016

Perhaps, as part of their investigation of officials in Portage Indiana and Porter County - the FBI should interview Chesterton IP

October 7th - sixth anniversary of the unlawful police entry into my home - and the police turning Abbi and Bailey [who were later killed] over to my ex. Deep breath - carry on the day as normal as possible...

AND then, Chesterton / Valparaiso IP once again rears their ugly head and begins to hit on my blog about the Hobart Humane Society [where Abbi and Bailey were cruelly and illegally killed].

It makes me wonder just how tied IP is to the officials who were behind the October 07, 2010 incident - as some of those officials are being investigated by the FBI on an entirely different matter. If that's the case, then perhaps the FBI need to have a chit chat with IP

Abbi and Bailey - A notch of the belts of Porter County officials ... With Chesterton / Valpo IP leading the pack

10072010 - Unlawful police entry into my home by Portage Indiana police officers - accompanied by my ex-husband [in violation of protective order].
Officers stated that they were instructed "by someone" to enter my home and remove me [without my property settlement]. Officers stated they were instructed "by someone" to not honor the 09282010 amended property settlement

Later, Portage Mayor James Snyder claimed that my ex had been in compliance of the amended property settlement: "James Snyder, Branch Manager, said he personally can assure me that every avenue was exhausted (tried loan alternatives). Mr. Thomas was denied by First Financial Trust on October 11th."  However, Snyder's bank was dissolved four months prior to this claim - in June 2010. This not only explains why the police were discussing large sums of money my ex had on him the day of the unlawful entry -- but it also verifies what a deputy stated about this conversation.

Per the 09282010 order, the police and my ex had no legal right to enter my property. No one had the legal authority to turn my precious furbabies - Abbi and Bailey - over to my ex. My ex had no legal authority to sign paperwork at the Hobart Humane Society to have Abbi and Bailey euthanized. AND, the HHS had no legal authority to euthanize Abbi and Bailey.

08102010 - Court hearing to amend property settlement - to obtain immediate distribution of property settlement. Attorney Jeff Shaw and ex - no shows - not held in contempt - Magistrate Johnson refused to hold default hearing. Hearing re-scheduled to 08192010 - at which time an Order to obtain immediate distribution of property settlement was GRANTED

08092010 - Complaints filed against Magistrate James Johnson - Indiana Judicial Commission for failure to honor protective order and DV arrest warrant. Complaints also filed against Attorneys Shaw and Rice with Indiana Diciplinary Commission

08062016 - Chesterton / Valparaiso, Indiana - IP

08082016 - Chesterton / Valparaiso, Indiana - IP

08092016 - Chesterton / Valparaiso, Indiana - IP

08102016 - Chesterton / Valparaiso, Indiana - IP

08122016 - Chesterton / Valparaiso, Indiana - IP

08152016 - Chesterton / Valparaiso, Indiana - IP 

08172016 - Chesterton / Valparaiso, Indiana - IP